Although i am new to the Blogging Scene, this Blog promises to be a great way for those who love their families and their kids especially, to hear all about how kids look at the world, what we should be doing to interact the rite way and interesting experiences iv had in the presence of the younger people…because thats what they are..PEOPLE; JUST LIKE YOU AND ME. Just a little less experienced as we are.

There are so many different things to talk about. and so litttle time. If you have topics to add Pls contact me .


I suggest you keep this blog as a favorite, because i will be updating as much as i can.



Inspired to be an inspiration to you in any way possible...

Peace and Love…

Aunty Titi.


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  1. Just got 2know abt your blog and am stuck with it.Not bad atall,very very unique.May GOD continue to increase you.Welldone ma’m.

  2. Dear santa, I wish I had a mentor like mrs titi oyinsan, she has an impecable and selfless personality more like madiba.why is that I have gotten to a point in my life where I need to make firm and right decisions as regards life, career and relationship and having U tutor and coach me will be a delight. I guess I av 2 more wishes, I wish amber and ruby are greater than their email is

  3. U are the best role model any one could ask for, love u so much for making my weeks. May the GOD of abundant blessing bless u and ur family i am a twin and i love twins ,my regards to d babies.

  4. Hi Titi,
    I love your radio show so much. Thanks for being part of my morning. Please I’ll like to be part of naija women in buisness and would also want to be notified about upcoming exhibitions. I make bags and accessories and I want to reach out to a larger market than I do now.

  5. Hi
    I have followed ur program 4 years now, but I have not been able to speak to you, I want 2 say a big thank you for all the people u have been helping thank U. you are a huge source of inspiration to me GOD Bless u Big Time

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