To achieve excellence in all I do, and to ensure that the institution I represent is sustained on the path of constant and never-ending improvement.

Date of Birth:             13th November, 1984

Place of Birth:            Lagos

State of Origin:             Ekiti

Nationality:                         Nigerian

Marital Status:             Single

Religion:                         Christianity

Contact Address




Phone: 08028975816, 08168392231, 08180419229




Lagos State University (Electronics & Computer Engineering

Department), Epe Campus, Epe Lagos                                                            –            2003  – 2009

            Qualification Earned: B.Sc. Second Class Honours Upper Division


Epe Grammar School, Epe, Lagos State                                                            –            1995  – 2000

            Qualification Earned: WASC, NECO

            Qualification Earned: GCE                                                            –            2001


Rolam Preparatory School, Iju Road, Ifako, Agege, Lagos State                        –            1988  – 1995

            Qualification Earned: First School Leaving Certificate



I.T. Certifications Obtained

1.    Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) (Grade: 762/1000).

2.    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) (In view).

3.    Java Certified Programmer (In view).


Computer Software Skills

  1. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook proficiency.
  2. Software programming and development skills using Visual Basic.Net, C#.Net, Java.
  3. Database design and management with SQL Server, MySQL.
  4. Web design and development with HTML, CSS, Javascript & VBscript, ASP.Net.
  5. Computer networking.


Work Experience

1.    Coniah Systems Support Limited.                        September 2013 – Till Date

5, Ogundana Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.



Software Implementer

  • Performing software demos for prospective clients to familiarize them with what they are about to have and to allow them give suggestions for their own peculiar needs.

·       Understanding how all software developed for clients function.

·       Understanding how to implement all software so as to be able to deploy at clients’ locations. This usually involves performing database or backend updates as well as front-end preliminary installations.

·       Testing of software developed by software developers before going out to implement.

·       Ensuring that all errors are detected and handed over to the developers for correction.

·       Performing the actual deployment/installations at clients’ locations.

·       Training of clients on the use of their new software.

·       Providing systems support for clients by resolving whatever issues or complaints they have in relation to our software systems.


  1. Easyfuel Limited, Lagos State.                                    August 2011 – April, 2012

Dataman House (3rd floor), 4/6 Bank Anthony

Street, Lagos Island, Lagos


Operations Engineer

  • I was part of a team involved in the installation of electronics/telecommunications and e-payment/fuel management equipment at filling stations.
  • I was involved in the troubleshooting and repair/replacement of equipment at customer locations/sites.



Software Developer

  • I was part of a team involved in the design and development of custom-made software to meet various company needs. For example, I participated in the design and development of a data entry and management system for the company’s customers, programming of contactless keyfob devices for vehicles, etc.
  • I was assigned to other tasks relevant to the IT department like basic server monitoring activities.


POS Terminals Deployment and Support

  • I was part of a team assigned to deploy and maintain handheld POS terminals to various customers. The task also involved training customers on POS terminal usage.



  1. National Youth Service Corps, Ebonyi State                        September 2010 – March, 2011


NYSC Corp Member Teacher

  • During my NYSC at Ebonyi State, I was privileged to teach Computer Science and Mathematics to junior and senior secondary school students as a part-time activity besides my main assignment as an Associate Travelling Secretary with Scripture Union.



  1. Industrial Training                                                            April – October, 2008

Centre for Space Transport and Propulsion, Epe, Lagos State



  • I was privileged to attend some seminars organized for the engineers at the Centre during my I.T. Some topics discussed at the seminars include:


  1. Basics of Space Systems Engineering.
  2. The Design of a Rocket Launch Site.
  3. Introduction to Propulsion Systems for Rockets.
  4. Manufacturing Technology in the Space Industry.
  5. Orbital Mechanics.
  6. Satellite Launch and Early Orbit Phases, etc.
  • I also witnessed and participated in the commencement of preparations for the construction of a model rocket, named CSTPROC-1. The rocket design process was broken down into various subsystems. The engineers in charge of the subsystems gave regular presentations of their research and development efforts.
  • A time-delayed model-rocket launch control was being designed while I was present at the Centre. It was a project being executed by the Electrical and Computer Department engineers. The goal of the project was to design a circuit module that could initiate a launch countdown sequence giving people enough head start to move away so as to safely view a rocket launch.
  • I was involved in the tutoring of the engineers at the Centre. I discovered that knowledge of the C/C++ programming language was required by the engineers, so I volunteered to tutor them for some weeks before the conclusion of my Industrial Training.




Diligent, team-player, result-oriented, passion for continued self-improvement and learning, meticulous, etc.



Reading, writing, computer programming, watching television and movies, networking on social websites, etc.



About titithedynamite

Wife, Mom, ON AIR PERSONALITY WITH THE NO1 FAMILY RADIO STATION IN NIGERIA, INSPIRATION 92.3 FM ( 10.30AM-1.30PM GMT+1). live stream. (THE MIDDAY CAFE ON 92.3 INSPIRATION FM) An Aspiring Author, with quite a few short stories online in my Blog. Alumni University of Lagos, English Language. Planning to take a Masters course in Media and Public Relations with a University in England, as well as a Certificate course in Broadcasting at Pan African University Lagos, Nigeria. HOST MNET FACE OF AFRICA OPENING CEREMONY 2010.[MNET AFRICA] HOST NIGERIAN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2010 LAGOS.{KALIVISION NETWORK} HOST OPENING CEREMONY OF WAKANOW.COM ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY.2011 (AMBER 11 MEDIA) HOST SISIOGE BEAUTY PAGEANT 2011. CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER (COO) OF AMBER 11 MEDIA LIMITED, CLIENT SERVICES AND MEDIA OPERATIONS. Am considered a Nigerian Super-Model, having modeled for almost 8 years in Nigeria South Africa and Ghana. Being a brand representative of brands like Coca Cola, Fanta, V-Mobile, Close up Toothpaste, Xpression hair products numerous Nigerian Banks and Insurance companies. Was a favored choice of many Nigerian Designers such as Tiffany Amber and KSLD, Nobel Afrik, during Fashion shows, because of my curvy figure. Served as MISS LAGOS 2007, representing my state in The Most Beatuiful Girl In Nigeria Pageant, WINNER of the Best Costume of the Year Award, Finishing as a Top Ten Finalist Top 20 finalist West African Idols 2007

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