Santa, my wish is for Peace on earth


Dear Santa,

It’s been quite a long time since I felt your presence or your hand around here. They say you bring happiness but with how this year has breezed by, it has been difficult experiencing extended periods of it. However I’ll still like to say thanks on behalf of those around me who tell me that they got your attention, but we have a lot of talking to do. Also please help me deliver a message to the famous Nazarene that I appreciate my life and the good things he did this year although rumors go around that both of you are the same and not different, that’s interesting. I’d like to ask for other stuff so please don’t find me rude.

To start with I’ve cried and have now arrived at the point my tears are now elusive due to the passing away of my brothers, sisters, friends and loved ones by violent killings in the north, not the north pole, of Nigeria for nothing. The major thing I want you to have in your bag when you arrive in your sleigh is peace. Of course it’s a hard ask because of its seeming intangibility but I want to stretch your abilities a bit. After all  peace comes only when one person values the other person’s existence, even though you don’t have a strong liking to the person, simply because you cannot create another person.

Well personally a lot has happened to me and my family in 2013. Topsy-turvy may well describe it. Though its been more “TOPsy” than “turvy”. However when the “turvy” came along it was hard to take. For instance an interesting climax was reached recently. The property owner of my family’s place of residence, who is quite a friend, prayed a prayer for us, which is not quite common, where he wished us well with regards to exiting his property and moving into our own. We accepted this prayer in jubilation because people aren’t always willing to do that. It gets even more enthralling as he went “formal” with this “prayer”, isn’t that lovely Santa?  However Santa this “prayer” when it arrived bore a slightly different title that is “QUIT NOTICE”. To make it more intriguing he was willing to bring this “prayer” to pass in a month, but for the law Santa, but for the law, he might have cast us out but we looked up collectively as a family and acknowledged the mighty hand of the ever-knowing  Creator that he knew what’s up. Well Santa, you will have no chimney to drop in by of course but I’d love to ride away, along with my family, in your sleigh to somewhere far away, a new house with bigger space, of course with a new chimney so that you can visit next Christmas and that landlord’s prayer WILL come to pass but not like he proposed.

Jobs. Well, do you carry that in your sack? I may not need one, at least not as much as I would like my sister. She loves kids. She loves to teach. She is honest. Of course that last remark may seem like trumpet blowing, at least if I were in your place that’s what I’ll think. The basic thing is that she wants to further her education but she needs a Part-time job to go along with it so she can finance it and of course make some extra cash for keeps. Concerning honesty, there’s a reason I brought that up, after all she’s not aware I’m writing to you. It’s been a personal observation. She left her 1st job for instance because of the apparent deceit that was flowing. She was promised a raise after a certain period usually described as probation, she never got it. A mission school. She was teaching 12 classes with an approximate of 25 pupils per class. In spite of all this, one of the “older heads” advised her to take up a house mistress role along with that. The stress was one thing but what drove her was the lack of emotional and sensible financial  appreciation. She rejected a job to teach a kid despite the salary and working terms being sensible, because it was obvious that if she stuck to the working terms the kid was probably going to be worse off. The parents still wanted her but she respects her conscience. I don’t want to go too deep. She just needs a job, well-paying of course, to go along with her master’s program. She attained the 2nd highest available degree (called a “two-one”) in BSc. Pol sci. Edu.

Hopes. Had a brush with a multi-national company. I hoped it would end up good. It did, partially. A scholarship and all. Pretty exciting but I, albeit stupidly, built castles in the air when the money was not yet at hand and when the time came for it to arrive, the time passed and the money only partially showed up. I feel implored to mention the name of the company not to spite them but to see if any person from there could speed it up however, I’ll be indirect. (the 18th letter of the Anglophone alphabet placed at the mid-riff of the formal name for goat meat).

This will all be incomplete if I do not mention how I got encouraged to write this letter. It was through one of your elves. I believe a she-elf. Charming attitude and caring. It is assumed that you are immortal, if not I would have loved her to be your replacement when you retire. However she also has her own wish. She, her mortal lover and her double-dose of joy would love a vacation somewhere, anywhere, to express love to each other without having any inherent worries of course some shopping along. Honey moon like.

I have to go know. I’m a bit hungry and busy. Bring some food along too Santa, not just candy, solid food. My hopes are up at the moment, I doubt I’ll be able to take another disappointment but merry Christmas to you and your elves all over.

                                                                                                                Yours in the Christmas Spirit

(I won’t put my name here but the elf who informed me will have, its not that I’m pusillanimous just a bit reserved)  


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