Dear Santa pls confuse BokoHaram


Dear Santa,
My name is A. Dami, I’m one of your favourite kids in your nice list and I have never missed any of my yearly wish gift which you always deliver to me every Christmas season but now I’m a grown man, not a kid anymore but I’m enjoying your grace (unearned favoured, unmerited favour and undeserved favour) that’s what I’m enjoying now instead of the gift I used to received when I was a little kid.

Santa, how are you doing, your reindeer and elves are they doing fine too  and Mrs Claus I missed them all.

This year has been very fantastic and  wonderful, I have been giving to the needy, rendering help to love ones, all these was able to accomplished through the grace given to me, and I know that you always there for me when I’m in need, u knew every circumstances have passed through from Jan – Dec, I say thank you for everything.

My purpose of this letter is not to ask u for a gift but of something urgent for this country, I’m bringing the issue of Boko haram into your nice list Santa,  I wish boko haram are conquered and made them powerless by blocking their source of finances, and let their be a confusion among their sponsors and their leaders and expose them to the public.

Thank you Santa Claus for your gift to million of kids in the world, you are very kind, good,and generous. I will continue to watch out, not sleep and I will be rejoicing because of your coming to town.

Best Wishes


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Wife, Mom, ON AIR PERSONALITY WITH THE NO1 FAMILY RADIO STATION IN NIGERIA, INSPIRATION 92.3 FM ( 10.30AM-1.30PM GMT+1). live stream. (THE MIDDAY CAFE ON 92.3 INSPIRATION FM) An Aspiring Author, with quite a few short stories online in my Blog. Alumni University of Lagos, English Language. Planning to take a Masters course in Media and Public Relations with a University in England, as well as a Certificate course in Broadcasting at Pan African University Lagos, Nigeria. HOST MNET FACE OF AFRICA OPENING CEREMONY 2010.[MNET AFRICA] HOST NIGERIAN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2010 LAGOS.{KALIVISION NETWORK} HOST OPENING CEREMONY OF WAKANOW.COM ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY.2011 (AMBER 11 MEDIA) HOST SISIOGE BEAUTY PAGEANT 2011. CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER (COO) OF AMBER 11 MEDIA LIMITED, CLIENT SERVICES AND MEDIA OPERATIONS. Am considered a Nigerian Super-Model, having modeled for almost 8 years in Nigeria South Africa and Ghana. Being a brand representative of brands like Coca Cola, Fanta, V-Mobile, Close up Toothpaste, Xpression hair products numerous Nigerian Banks and Insurance companies. Was a favored choice of many Nigerian Designers such as Tiffany Amber and KSLD, Nobel Afrik, during Fashion shows, because of my curvy figure. Served as MISS LAGOS 2007, representing my state in The Most Beatuiful Girl In Nigeria Pageant, WINNER of the Best Costume of the Year Award, Finishing as a Top Ten Finalist Top 20 finalist West African Idols 2007

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