Dear Santa


Compliments of the season.

I must commend you on this initiative, which I know can be only divinely inspired. You have being used to turn around years of hopelessness to extents you might not even comprehend.

I have a wish!

Mine could be akin to the case of C.O, it inspired me to atleast try.

I finished from university years ago with pass degree and did my youth service accordingly.
I suppose you can say what happened , was my result. I however knew I was better than this level of grade and refused to let it define me.

It hasn’t been the easiest of rides, particular as years down the line,I never could retrieve my  certificate from the institution. As curiously as it sounds, my data could not be collated or verified, although I was allowed to serve. My pass degree unfortunately isn’t a motivation to push a legal inquest.

I tried to carve a niche inspite of being disadvantaged , albeit, quietly, by myself..I tried my bit and challenged myself to heights I never knew existed. I started the journey to become a certified accountant and worked along with a BSC in Applied accounting ,which I should be through with by the first quarter of next year.

Am just about getting to the final and professional level of the certified accountancy programme,(ACCA), with my exam tomorrow. I have a target to qualify by the end of next year, by His grace.

I have been fortunate to try myself in a few job functions down the line, in areas of human resources, corporate communication and had a shot at pushing a business, all of which never came easy, but for a few people who chose to believe in me and gave me a chance. 

I have never known how to grope and wait for favours to be handed down to me. I know how to dream and follow my heart, that’s what had brought me this far.

My wish is simply to be given an opportunity with an organisation where I can gain my performance objectives preparatory to my qualification. I wish to be given the opportunity to gain this experience under very sound tutelage that will help set me on the proper footing.

I Know I can prove myself and be very resourceful if I get this opportunity.

Titi, I know you must have being inundated with several requests such this, I only hope this mail will find a place in someone’s heart to give me a chance

Please keep my name private, except to genuine responses.

Thank you.

Nkem J


About titithedynamite

Wife, Mom, ON AIR PERSONALITY WITH THE NO1 FAMILY RADIO STATION IN NIGERIA, INSPIRATION 92.3 FM ( 10.30AM-1.30PM GMT+1). live stream. (THE MIDDAY CAFE ON 92.3 INSPIRATION FM) An Aspiring Author, with quite a few short stories online in my Blog. Alumni University of Lagos, English Language. Planning to take a Masters course in Media and Public Relations with a University in England, as well as a Certificate course in Broadcasting at Pan African University Lagos, Nigeria. HOST MNET FACE OF AFRICA OPENING CEREMONY 2010.[MNET AFRICA] HOST NIGERIAN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2010 LAGOS.{KALIVISION NETWORK} HOST OPENING CEREMONY OF WAKANOW.COM ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY.2011 (AMBER 11 MEDIA) HOST SISIOGE BEAUTY PAGEANT 2011. CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER (COO) OF AMBER 11 MEDIA LIMITED, CLIENT SERVICES AND MEDIA OPERATIONS. Am considered a Nigerian Super-Model, having modeled for almost 8 years in Nigeria South Africa and Ghana. Being a brand representative of brands like Coca Cola, Fanta, V-Mobile, Close up Toothpaste, Xpression hair products numerous Nigerian Banks and Insurance companies. Was a favored choice of many Nigerian Designers such as Tiffany Amber and KSLD, Nobel Afrik, during Fashion shows, because of my curvy figure. Served as MISS LAGOS 2007, representing my state in The Most Beatuiful Girl In Nigeria Pageant, WINNER of the Best Costume of the Year Award, Finishing as a Top Ten Finalist Top 20 finalist West African Idols 2007

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