Info About Titi’s On air Book-Club


Hi, I hope YOU are one of those Savvy individuals who will express interest on joining Titi’s on air book club.

My name is Titi Oyinsan. I am pleased to meet you and shake you warmly by the hand.

You are welcome to the wonderful world of Reading, Loving and Appreciating Nigerian books.

My website is still under construction but will soon be up and running. It is also in the plan to create a newsletter, also send updates to all the members of the club, via email.

Nigerian authors are a blessing to our generation, but they are nothing without the right readers to appreciate them and their works.

As you join this club pls pledge to patronise Nigerian Authors and appreciate the content of their books by sharing them with the next generation of Readers and Authors coming after us.

Encourage the younger ones to read and read, and then proceed to read some more.

Pls watch this space for the next author to come on air. And tune in weekly as we read their works aloud on the Radio.

Pls note that by sending a mail to, it is assumed you don’t mind your email address being shared with other readers and authors who are also members of the club. Pls express if otherwise.

Being part of a club means we hear each others views on the works discussed on air. In no more than 250 words, we can share our own thoughts about the books and/or passages we hear on air, and receive critical replies.

And also we learn more about each other by networking with people of like minds.

Pls note that indiscriminate use of the book club to broadcast or advertise anything that has nothing to do with books, authors, content of books, themes, book launches, presentations, book signings, articles, reviews, etc WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. This is to preserve the integrity if the club and not derail the true objective.

We will have an introduction page where everyone can share what they do and who they are.

You will be privileged to get first hand info about what is happening and also have access to the authors one on one and also in some cases get special discounts on the books you would like to buy.
Pls encourage others to join by sending a mail to

Thanks again, and I am very pleased to meet you.

Get ready for a very interesting and exciting journey into the world of Nigerian books. Changing this Nation One Book at a Time.


About titithedynamite

Wife, Mom, ON AIR PERSONALITY WITH THE NO1 FAMILY RADIO STATION IN NIGERIA, INSPIRATION 92.3 FM ( 10.30AM-1.30PM GMT+1). live stream. (THE MIDDAY CAFE ON 92.3 INSPIRATION FM) An Aspiring Author, with quite a few short stories online in my Blog. Alumni University of Lagos, English Language. Planning to take a Masters course in Media and Public Relations with a University in England, as well as a Certificate course in Broadcasting at Pan African University Lagos, Nigeria. HOST MNET FACE OF AFRICA OPENING CEREMONY 2010.[MNET AFRICA] HOST NIGERIAN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2010 LAGOS.{KALIVISION NETWORK} HOST OPENING CEREMONY OF WAKANOW.COM ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY.2011 (AMBER 11 MEDIA) HOST SISIOGE BEAUTY PAGEANT 2011. CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER (COO) OF AMBER 11 MEDIA LIMITED, CLIENT SERVICES AND MEDIA OPERATIONS. Am considered a Nigerian Super-Model, having modeled for almost 8 years in Nigeria South Africa and Ghana. Being a brand representative of brands like Coca Cola, Fanta, V-Mobile, Close up Toothpaste, Xpression hair products numerous Nigerian Banks and Insurance companies. Was a favored choice of many Nigerian Designers such as Tiffany Amber and KSLD, Nobel Afrik, during Fashion shows, because of my curvy figure. Served as MISS LAGOS 2007, representing my state in The Most Beatuiful Girl In Nigeria Pageant, WINNER of the Best Costume of the Year Award, Finishing as a Top Ten Finalist Top 20 finalist West African Idols 2007

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  1. Dear Santa,

    Compliment of the season, i have a keen wish and i know with faith you will grant it for me.

    I graduated two years ago with a second class upper degree in Economics but i have not been able to secure a job, since then things have not been easy for me due to so much expectations from me as the first child amongst four other females .To worsen issues i lost my dad three months ago, though he has been buried last month.

    I have decided to start up something for myself so as to earn a living. i am planning on venture into Recharge Card Printing business, however i was told i would need a laptop and a printer amongst other things to start it up after making all the necessary inquiries. Please Santa it would gladden my heart if you can bless me this Christmas with a laptop and a printer from your goodie bag, for this would enable me start up the business and also take up the responsibility as a man and father of the house .

    I would forward my Curriculum Vitae to you at your request.

    Thank you Santa as i await your response . My name is Obiagozie Francis

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