THE PREGGER JOURNAL. By Titilayo Oyinsan

7th OCT 2012.



I constantly feel these days like I have malaria that I can’t take drugs to cure…
Feverish feelings, funny digestive activity…peeing so much I don’t feel like wearing underwear anymore, it’s just stress pulling them off all the time.

My eating timetable is erratic and unstable. And just walking close to the kitchen makes me wanna gag.

But on the up side I’m growing a beautiful being within me.

He or she will be worth it.

One thing I’ve learned is family support is soooo important at this period.

A word of advice. Think of the people in your family who would drop everything and come cook or clean for you.  If you can’t find one, I’d suggest tying down some friends or getting family who can. My brother has been soo strong and sweet and supportive. No complaint. No stopping. Just responding to my every need when my hubby isn’t around.(he travels a lot on business.)

There are not a lot of people I am comfortable about seeing me in a t-shirt or in the bathroom. So put that into consideration too.

Didn’t want to call my mom yet coz she would really worry. And give me advice and lectures I really don’t feel like hearing now. But she has been great, sending me fruit, cooking and food to store in my freezer. She calls everyday.
Am glad for the attention and love.

 I had so many questions. so i went to as usual.


3 Questions About Prenatal checkups

Sometime in the next few weeks is the perfect time to see your healthcare provider for your first prenatal visit. Good prenatal care helps give your baby a healthy start in life.


How should I prepare for my first appointment? Write down all of your questions and bring them with you so you can use your time effectively and get the professional advice you’re hungry for. Mention everything you’re feeling or wondering about, no matter how insignificant. Also:

  • Bring a list of all your medications (prescription and over the counter, including supplements) so your caregiver can assess whether they’re safe to take now.
  • Look back over your calendar and note the first day of your last period. Your doctor or midwife will use this date to estimate your baby’s due date. (Don’t worry if you haven’t been keeping track or have irregular periods. If you don’t have a reliable menstrual date, your caregiver can schedule an early ultrasound to date your pregnancy.)
  • Take some time to review your family medical history and your partner’s. If you’re not sure whether anyone in your family has a chromosomal or genetic disorder, check in with your parents or another close relative. Your caregiver will ask you about this to help guide her prenatal testing recommendations.







What happens during these appointments? Your practitioner will generally start by asking how you’re feeling physically and emotionally, whether you have any complaints or worries, and what questions you may have. She’ll have other questions as well, which will vary depending on how far along you are and whether she has specific concerns.

The goal of prenatal visits is to see how your pregnancy is proceeding and to provide you with the information you need to help keep you and your baby healthy. Your midwife or doctor will check your weight, blood pressure, and urine; measure your abdomen; check the position of your baby; listen to your baby’s heartbeat; perform other exams and order tests as appropriate; and closely monitor any complications you may have and intervene if necessary.

At the end of the visit, your practitioner will review her findings with you, explain the normal changes to expect before your next visit and the warning signs to watch for, counsel you about lifestyle issues (such as the importance of good nutrition and avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and drugs), and discuss the pros and cons of optional tests you may want to consider.


Should my partner go with me? That’s up to you. Some couples find that they benefit from going to prenatal appointments together — especially the biggies like the first visit, the ultrasound exam, and anytime key test results will be revealed. Here’s what other BabyCenter couples say: 57% of pregnant women who took our poll said they always want their partners to attend appointments with them. 37% of partners say they go to every prenatal appointment. *



PHYSICAL STATUS.         Stronger than last week, but am not pushing my luck yet. Taking is slow
SPIRIT                       Jovial, lightheaded but great full for family, and Gods grace
BABY DADDY.                 Away on business .called 4times in 10hrs. He  wishes he was home with me( or so he says)
PEEEOMETER            Sadly couldn’t keep count
POOPOMETER.          I finished a whole roll of tissue today sha
.          Fuller than ever. Have to use one arm to hold them up when standing without a bra. That reminds Me. I needed new bras

MOOD                             Am i allowed to be cranky?  

Went o Woolworth’s to get some underwire free bras. The felt great and I cud let go of all my frustrating old ones that don’t fit. Am a full size and cup bigger than before. Spent about 15k on new bras and undies. Alot maybe? But I’m Comfortable and my nipples aren’t falling out of them. 5 bras and 6 panties for that amount is not too much for quality and comfort in my book. PLUS I discovered that too tight bras added immensely to my nausea and headaches…maybe it was affecting my blood flow?

WORK       No work today….lounging the whole day. Watching TV. The Matrix trilogy in on. Watched a bit of part one. The ending of part two, and somewhere in the middle of part 3. I slept off 2 or3 times with a headache. Took Paracetamol 2 tablets. Didn’t really help.

PRENATAL PILLS… Folic acid taken 5mg. To be continued

THE PREGGER JOURNAL -7weeks pregnant. May Pregnancy never be a disease for you Amen. By Titilayo Oyinsan<


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