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Written by Omotunde Adelagun (MUMMY TOTLAND)



Some mothers for some reasons decide not to breast-feed their babies. They prefer to bottle feed them. Some breast feed their babies and later discontinue and decide to bottle feed to suit their circumstance at the time. There are a lot of breast milk substitutes – INFANT FORMULA MILKS. These are based on dried cow’s milk, which has been specially modified to resemble breast milk as closely as possible. The Department of Health advises that ORDINARY, UNMODIFIED COW’S MILK should NOT BE GIVEN to babies before they are at least six months old.

UNMODIFIED COWS MILK: This contains higher levels of PROTEAIN AND SALT which is not safe for baby’s immature kidneys. Breast feeding and Infant Formula is advisable till baby is one year old. These types of feeding can be supported with increasing amount of solids, this is what we call mixed feeding.

COWS MILK: When you want to give your baby cow milk let it be pasteurized. This type of milk does not need to be boiled or diluted.

SKIMMED OR SEMI – SKIMMED MILK: This must not be given to children under the age of two years. They lack vital fats necessary for energy and healthy growth.

“FOLLOW ON MILK” OR “JUNIOR MILK” This should not be given to babies under six months. They contain two much fat, protein and minerals.

EVAPORATED OR CONDENSED MILK: This type of milk should not be given to infants.
GOATS MILK: This type of milk lacks some vital vitamins and minerals and like cows milk contain a lot of protein and salt. This is not good for babies immature kidneys.

INFANT FORMULA: This type of powdered milk is similar to breast milk nutrition in the first six months of baby’s life. Follow the mixing instructions on the packet compiled to make sure the milk powder is mixed with the right amount of water.

STRICT HYGIENE STANDARDS: Strict hygiene standards are necessary while bottle feeding babies because FORMULA MILK does not give your baby protection against infection of the stomach and bowel (GASTRO-ENTERITIS) which is more common among bottle fed babies than BREAST FED babies. STERILISATION OF BABY FEEDING EQUIPMENT IS NECESSARY.

TYPES OF FORMULA MILK: There are different brands of milk if you start your baby on a particular brand and baby is happy with it. Keep to it. If there is any reason why you need to change your baby formula milk consult your midwife or doctor.

Some FORMULA MILK are coded in different packs which may be confusing. Either the product name is slightly different or in the colour of the container lid. This distinguishes between “WHEY DOMINATED” OR “CASEIN DOMINATED”. These are natural constituents of COWS MILK.

WHEY BASED MILK: This is recommended for younger babies the protein level is closer to that of breast milk, it is more easily digested. LABELS ON WHEY BASED MILK state that it is for babies from birth onwards. LABELS ON CASE IN BASED MILK state that it is recommended for HUNGRIER BABIES.

OTHER INFANT MILKS: SOYA-BASED FORMULA are recommended for babies who are allergic to cow’s milk. This type of milks should be given on medical advice. MILK feeds are your baby ‘s nutritional life-line seek doctors advice if you think baby is allergic to something e.g. milk. There are other specialized milk which can be given under prescription.

FOLLOW ON MILK CAN BE GIVEN: From six months onwards. They are fortified with vitamins and iron and have different type of fat from cows milk.

1) FORMULA MILK: Always make sure you have enough formula milk in the house for baby especially during weekends or buy a whole carton of formula milk and keep at home. It might not be easy for you to go out sometimes to buy formula milk, some babies eat more than others. Buy from Chemist and Supermarkets or the market.

2) FEEDING BOTTLES: If you can afford to buy six bottles. It will make life easier.
(a) You will be able to make several feeds at a time.
(b) Also it will enable you to keep a supply of bottles ready sterilized for use.
(c) Wide neck cylindrical shaped bottles are best. They are easier to clean. Make sure their measurement markings are clear and that the bottle is light weight and unbreakable and transparent. (See through/ TRANSPARENT). Make sure it has a cap fitted to protect teat and allows the teat to be inverted into the bottle securely covered to avoid spillage and portable for traveling.

BOTTLE TEATS: You need a teat for each bottle and extras incase a teat is damaged. Invest in good quality teats that last longer. Teats must fit the bottles. Start with teats that have middle-sized holes incase your baby rushes his feed. If the hole in the teat is not big enough as baby is struggling to get milk use a red-hot needle (heated in a match flame to pierce the head of the teat to enlarge the hole. Discard or throw away teats that are worn out or the hole is too large in the interest of baby’s safety.

BOTTLE CLEANING BRUSH: This is a special brush used to clean feeding bottles.
STRAIGHT-BACK KNIFE: You need this for leveling milk powder in the measuring scoop.
KITCHEN TRAY: This is used for holding baby’s feeding equipment.
STERILIZING EQUIPMENT: This is an essential and important factor in bottle-feeding 3 systems
(a) Boiling bottles and teats
(b) Chemical sterilization e.g. Milton liquid, tablets, salt
(c) The use of steam sterilization.

The can be used when traveling with baby.

CARE OF BOTTLES AND TEATS: It is important to clean and sterilize bottles and teats after use to avoid infections like THRUSH and GASRO-ENTERITIS. Rinse bottles and teat in cold water and wash with hot water and soap or washing up liquid fill bottle with water and use bottle brush to clean inside. Remove all milk deposits. TURN THE TEAT INSIDE OUT TO MAKE SURE it is clean. Use salt to wash the teat inside out, squirt the teat with water to check for blockage rinse bottle and teat in clear clean water and sterilize.

1) Boiling: This is the oldest method – Boil bottles and teats in a cover saucepan full of water, for about 20 minutes. They are kept in the saucepan until they are ready for use. Boiling makes teat too soft or wear out easily.
2) The Microwave Oven: The department of Health does not recommend microwave because cold spot might occur that means the bottle is not totally sterilized

CHEMICAL STERILISATION: You can buy a sterilizing unit designed specifically for feeding equipment. OR you can use a covered plastic bucket or a large rigid plastic container kept only for baby’s bottles. Make sure that all the bottles and teats are submerged in the water solution.

CHEMICAL STERILISATION TABLETS AND FLUIDS: Drop tablets into solutions or pour fluid into container full of water (preferably boiled) leave for 30 minutes. Change solution every 24 hours. When you want to use the bottle and teat rinse out with cool boiled water.

STEAM STERILISATION: This is a quick and easy alternative to chemical sterilization. Rinse bottles are placed in the bottle carrier and water is added. The unit is switched on and steam is produced. This sterilizes bottles and teats in a short time. Although the initial outlay of bottles and teats may be greater than for chemical sterilization, this method is cheaper to use because you don’t have to buy chemical tablets or fluid e.g. Milton. A TEAM STERILIZER FOR MICROWAVE USE IS AVAILABLE – Bottles are placed on grid 100mls of water added and covered placed in microwave at high power 8 – 10 minutes for complete sterilization.


1) WATER: Water used for making baby’s feeds should be freshly boiled and cooled. Store boiled water in vacuum flasks for hot water – THERMOS. If you keep boiled water in a kettle and every time you need hot water you boil and re-boil thus will make the water evaporated and reduce in quantity and also can contain higher concentration soft mineral salts dangerous for baby. USE BOILED COLD WATER FOR MIXING BABY’S FOOD. STORE BOILED COLD WATER IN A CLEAN COVERED PLASTIC BOTTLE. ALL TYPES OF WATER – TAP, FILTERED MUST BE BOILED, DO NOT USE ANY ARTIFICIAL SOFTENED WATER FOR BABY’S FEEDS.

(a) Wash your hands
(b) Rinse baby bottle in clean boiled cold water
(c) Measure quantity of water and add milk powder recommended for quantity of water-shake mixture.
(d) Use the measuring scoop provided in formula container and level milk powder with a clean knife. If you heap the milk you are giving baby more milk power than is recommended. This advice is important because a feed, which is too concentrated or strong, can cause digestive problems in babies OR if the feed is not of the right concentration your baby will be malnourished – undernourished.
(e) Feeding Your Baby: The doctor or midwife can advises about the amount of milk to give baby. However the individual need babies vary. Some take more milk at a time than others. Baby’s daily nutritional requirement is 2.5 fluid ounces of milk per pound of body weight (150 millilitres /kg) per day. But it is best to be guided by Baby’s appetite.
(f) When should you feed your baby

Feed your baby when baby appears hungry e.g. “feed on Demand” e.g. when baby cries and not by the clock. However, your baby will settle down to a routine, but baby must not be left unfed for more than five or six hours without been offered a bottle feed. Germs breed rapidly in warm milk, never keep warm milk in THERMOS FLASK. Carry hot water in THERMOS and carry powdered milk in its container. There are READY TO FEED MILK IN PACKET FOR TRAVELLING.

FEEDING YOUR BABY: Settle yourselves comfortably before you begin – the bottle the baby’s bib, hand towel. Concentrate on feeding the bay. Hold baby securely on your lap with baby head resting in the crook of your elbow and baby’s back supported along your forearm. When feeding TILT BOTTLE so that the teat end is full of milk and your baby is not swallowing air. If TEAT become flat remove from side of baby’s mouth to release vacuum. Some babies pause while feeding for breathing space or because wind is causing discomfort.


BABY MILK TEMPERATURE: It is a traditional practice to give babies a warm feed similar to breast temperature. Many babies will take cold feed without any apparent problems. Any pre-prepared refrigerated food or milk feed must be warmed before being given to a young baby. HEATED MILK SHOULD BE WARM AND NOT HOT. ALWAYS TEST MILK TEMPERATURE BY DROPPING A FEW DROPS ON YOUR INNER WRIST. IF THE MILK IS TOO HOT PLACE BOTTLE IN A JUG OR CUP OF COLD WATER TO COOL DOWN. TO HEAT A BABY’S FEED STAND FEEDING BOTTLE IN HOT WATER CUP OR JUG.
DO NOT USE MICROWAVE TO HEAT BABIES BOTTLE. There have been cases of baby’s mouths being scalded when the milk has been heated in microwave – the bottle remains cool, but the milk contents can reach boiling point. Microwave can also change the composition of the milk – when the milk is at right temperature feed baby immediately. To avoid infections never keep warm milk for long it will get sour and watery and bad, throwaway unused milk. Prepare a fresh bottle when the next feed is due.



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