Aunty TITIs Rules OF being a Good Parent…


Nothing on earth can prepare you for being a parent. Its testing and grilling on your nerves and your emotions and sometimes your sanity…
The first sentence in this post is not here to scare you, but to give you expectant parents a heads up, that no matter the books you read and advice you get and Old Wives tales you hear, yours will always have its differences to every other child.

Some parents have a special instinct, knowing just what to do in every situation. Some get parts wrong. If you study other parents, you should be able to detect a pattern- tactics, techniques and principles of behaviour that get the best out of Kids…

Rules of parenting are not a revelation, just a reminder. Mostly involving common sense, which is usually difficult to maintain in some cases, is the best way to get thru to a kid.

I will be Posting some important rules I have researched from the people who know. Family, Friends, and Bestselling Authors of Repute…e.g Richard Templar, International best seller of The Rules Of Life…Dr Bernard Valman Author “When Your Child Is ILL!” …and so many others.

I will keep you posted. Although I would encourage that you follow this blog so that you will receive regular notifications.



If you Compare the Best Parent you know, and the ones who don’t seem to cut it, what do u think makes them different? Why are they not doing so well?
The best parents have ONE thing in common…they are Relaxed about it…

The Worst, are always hung up on something, stressed out about things that are not important. The stress affects their ability to be a really good parent.

Try not to develop OCD when it comes to your kids…eg getting upset when kids bring in dirty shoes, or knock over a bottle or plate, or make a general mess.
Also , try not to be so obsessively competitive that your kids become pressured into always winning in Games, or Coming First in school.
A child tumbling over, or crying after a little fall or a grazed knee is nothing to FRET about…
A really good parent should pace themselves and note that they have between 12 to 18 years to mold them into shapeand use methods that ensure they get there in good time.

Accepted, its often hardest with a first child than with the last teenager to leave home.
With babies, one focuses on the essentials- a well fed, healthy and comfortable baby is great. Don’t sweat the rest

Just note the things you wouldn’t let happen again. Put your feet up and enjoy your child.

Peace and Love


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