I have always wanted to create a way to talk about my favorite people in the world, CHILDREN.

My Mother ran a daycare center in the heart of Lagos, for 5 years. with sometimes a minimum of 40 children in the establishment at one time, i spent my after Secondary School hours caring for children aged 0-5 years old, with the matrons employed. There are so many different types of Parents, Children, as well as carers. This blog is my take on personal past experiences, as well as the advice and guidance of seasoned professionals i can get my hands on, for particularly difficult topics.

The Inspiration kids show every Saturday @1pm

what is the missing link? Love of course!

, on 92.3 Inspiration Fm Radio, Lagos, Nigeria gave me an opportunity to meet all sorts of children and witness their creativity, innocence, intelligence , cunning, and imagination. I am in awe of the rate at which they grow, and learn from the environments they are exposed to daily. 

From my heart to yours…


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